Our Blessed Mother and the Mysteries of Christ reflected in the Most Holy Rosary

Jesus Christ the Son of God not only observed the Ten Commandments but demonstrated to the fullest how to live in holiness. The fourth commandment requires us to give honor to Our Father and Our Mother. Jesus gives His mother the greatest honors any mortal can receive and because He loves us, He shares His mother with us to be our spiritual mother and Queen. By God's grace and love, our acceptance of this great gift unites us more fully with Him through her motherhood as brothers and sisters of Christ. To dishonor Mary is to dishonor her Son. Also, giving great honor to her honors Him. 

Mary My Mother

Our Lord requires us to love one another. We are even asked to love our enemies. But above all we must love God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) with all of our heart.

Human love comes in varying degrees. Also, Love is a choice. We do not just happen to love someone – we choose to love and we choose the degree. We can choose to cultivate love or choose to kill it. We have free will. We should and are commanded to love God above all persons and things and doing so is obviously right and just.

We should reserve for our blessed mother a very special place in our hearts. Jesus, her Son is both God and man. He is the Son of the Father and Son of Mary. It is because Jesus is God that Mary rightly owns the title “Mother of God” which was gifted to her by the power of the Holy Spirit (see Luke 1:35). Her “Yes” to God made Jesus’ human nature possible without which the redemption by the cross could not be; and her “Yes” made possible her title “the New Eve” or the” Woman” predicted in Gen 3:15.
Because the “Son of man” took human flesh from our Lady, we can now call God our Father. He was and is the Creator but the relationship with mankind had been separated by original sin. It is by and through the motherhood of Mary that we become brothers and sisters in Christ and yet she retains the purity of her virginity. From the cross Our Lord not only gave up his life for us but also gave us his Mother to be our blessed mother (John 19:26-27). This is a role she takes very seriously. Our acceptance of her adoption of us as her spiritual children substantially unites us with her only Son.

In Luke 11:27 a woman praised Our Lord's Mother saying “Blessed is the womb that bore you”. Jesus responded that it is more important to hear the Word of God and keep it. The Blessed Virgin Mary is not to be honored and loved only as a “holy vessel” or instrument that united Christ with humanity, but as one who heard the word of God, treasured it in her heart, and did the will of God regardless of the consequences or the pain to her heart and soul (Luke 2:35). As her son was crucified she suffered more than anyone present save Our Lord. Yet, as others cried out “come down from that cross” she honored His Will and kept it despite her pain. Even though, by virtue of the fourth commandment, she was the only person present at His crucifixion who could have possibly had any authority to make such request. Her love of and obedience to the will of God is her life, her love, her spirit. Obviously it was Gods Will and His plan to use, with her assent, the Virgin Mary to bring Jesus to the world and the world to Jesus. This was and is her role. 

Because He should and because he could, He did it. Because it is right and just that God’s only Son should be born of a sinless mother and because Our Lord is not subject to the bondage of time as we are (in fact he created time and matter) and because by the merits of the cross being applied to her at the moment of her conception, and because she would be the “Woman” and the “New Eve” who would say Yes to God, Our Blessed Mother was Immaculately Conceived, she is the Immaculate Conception. Her relationship with God was not broken by sin but as the Angel Gabriel in the gospel says she is "Full of Grace".

Our acceptance of this great gift of His mother as Our Blessed Mother requires us to give her both great love and great honor. It is right and just. And I do so with  an abundance of joy, love and thankfulness to the Lord.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Most Holy Mother of God, Pray for us sinners.

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